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WOW Group

Women of Wisdom 55+

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The WOW Group stands for Women of Wisdom.

This group was created for women ages 55+ who struggle with eating related issues as well as additional mental health struggles. It is a process oriented group and women identify topics they would like to discuss. Common topics have included:


  • setting boundaries with self and others

  • self care

  • recovering from a Binge episode and other ED behaviors

  • loneliness

  • the aging body

  • body image

WOW Group is billable to insurance. All insurance is accepted. Clients are expected to attend 3 out of 4 groups per month to stay in the group.  Clients must be appropriate for Outpatient Treatment.

The women in this group have historically been engaging and willing to share their experiences with one another. It is a safe space for them to share and laugh with one another. While we often tackle a lot of heavy subjects, our WOW women really enjoy each other and it isn’t all serious.

WOW Group is available for clients of The Center or individuals referred by one of our preferred providers.

if you are not currently a client of the center and would like more information on becoming a client of the center, click here to request more info.