Why do I need a physical from my doctor before treatment and why do I need an additional physical with the nurse practitioner at The Center the day before NEW FED TR?

A physical is needed to assure medical stability.

If a client's symptoms indicate the need for Partial Hospital or Intensive Outpatient levels of care, he/she needs an initial physical from their physician within 30 days to assure medical stability. Clients transferring into NEW FED TR from a Partial Hospital Program at another eating disorder treatment site simply need to have their physical information transferred with their clinical information. Clients entering NEW FED TR from The Center's Partial Hospital Program do not need an additional physical.

Clients entering NEW FED TR at a Partial Hospital level of care need an additional physical from The Center's nurse practitioner within 24 hours of beginning the program to monitor medical stability. (This will be conducted during pre-testing on Sunday.)