What can we get in just 5 days of treatment?

The treatment of AN often involves lengthy hospital or residential stays, during which time patients may gain weight. However, many patients tend to relapse after they leave the structured setting of the hospital or residential program. Consequently, for many, AN becomes a chronic disorder, with symptoms lasting many years or even a lifetime, and with significant medical complications. The purpose of this program is to train clients and support(s) in effective strategies for managing the illness upon transitioning home to avoid a cycle of readmission to more intensive levels of care.

Treatment of eating disorders often is long, difficult and extremely expensive. While in some cases costly inpatient or residential stays cannot be avoided, in other situations, a support can be guided through the process of providing care at home. Our NEW FED TR 5-day program is designed to help supports determine whether outpatient, family-based care may be a viable treatment option in their unique situation.

This is a powerful week long intervention, but it is not a standalone treatment for treating AN. Rather, it is an important, previously underutilized part of a comprehensive treatment plan that can be connected with intensive and other outpatient eating disorder treatments.. Simply put, the focus of NEW FED TR is to teach supports effective ways  to care for and work with their loved one with AN at home.