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8001 Ravines Edge Ct
Columbus, OH, 43235


Vision, Mission, Values

Our Vision  |  Create strength through balanced living

Our Mission  |  Specialize in evidence-based treatment, education and prevention, and research in the area of eating disorders and foster balance in the lives of all persons served.

Our Values  |  We strive to:

  • Assure services are provided for persons of all backgrounds
  • Provide all clients with the highest standards of care and services
  • Provide educational and community programs that are based on current research, that are designed for the prevention of obesity and eating disorders, and that encourage balanced living
  • Train and retain the highest caliber of clinicians and support personnel to ensure balanced, successful treatments and outcomes
  • Collaborate with healthcare providers and institutions to address the needs of people with eating disorders
  • Conduct eating disorder outcome research and apply findings to treatment programs
  • Seek balance in both the services offered by The Center and the lives of those in The Center for Balanced Living community