Search for new Chief Executive Officer

The Board of Directors of The Center for Balanced Living (CBL) is excited to announce the search for a new President & CEO. The founding President/CEO, Dr. Laura Hill, will be retiring effective January 2018 after 17 years of dedicated work.

The Center for Balanced Living is the only Non-Profit free-standing organization that specializes in the treatment, education, and research of Eating Disorders in the country. The Center is located in Columbus, Ohio.

Information on the position, The Center, and the application process for this position are below. If you have questions, e-mail

The Center invites interested professionals to apply beginning July 15, 2017 and will accept applications until the position is filled.

CEO job description


Wire. Rewire. HIRE. Chief Executive Officer

Brains are extremely complex systems, containing billions of neurons making pathway connections, or wiring, based on emotions and experiences. Continued similar responses strengthen and reinforce the wiring, rendering it an automatic response, or simply put, a habit. However, with conscious effort and the consistent, purposeful practice of new habits, neural pathways can be rewired. Unhealthy habits can be replaced with healthier ones. Eating disorders are mental illnesses that can be treated using these scientific facts about the amazing neuroplasticity of the brain. WATCH Dr. Hill's TEDx Talk to LEARN MORE


For the past 17 years, The Center for Balanced Living has been providing cutting-edge, evidence-based eating disorder treatment in Columbus, Ohio. The Center is the only freestanding, non-profit in the country treating eating disorders, allowing us to provide top-notch, individualized care for each of our clients. We are comprised of a dedicated, multi-disciplinary team of experts working in harmony at three levels of care to assure quality and continuity of care.


For all of these 17 years, Dr. Laura Hill’s passion and vision as CEO and President have shaped The Center for Balanced Living. She established the foundation in treatment, education and research; opened new programs as client/community needs dictated; successfully led a capital campaign to purchase a new home for The Center in 2014; and has led the field in developing experiential tools to explain the neurobiological basis of the illness, which have been integrated into family-based treatment being implemented around the world. At the end of 2017, Dr. Hill will be stepping out of her role as CEO and will be focusing on training providers in the new brain-based treatment.


The Center remains utterly committed to continuing the work that Dr. Hill has begun and will continue to offer exemplary treatment, provide reputable educational programs and remain in the forefront with research for eating disorders. The Board of Directors, along with a task force of stakeholders, has started the search for the next CEO who will lead The Center forward. Our close-knit team is ready to welcome the person who will mesh with us, invest in our mission and guide us ahead. The next CEO will have the opportunity to advance our growth in the changing healthcare environment and strengthen our recognition as experts in the eating disorder field. A compassionate, innovative individual who has experience with a non-profit and/or healthcare industry and who has grant-writing/fundraising expertise possesses skills essential to the advancement of The Center.

About The Center


CLICK to see timeline and videos of founders sharing how it all began


Create Strength Through Balanced Living

Specialize in evidence-based treatment, education/prevention, and research in the area of eating disorders and foster balance in the lives of all persons served.


  • Assure services are provided for persons of all backgrounds.
  • Provide all clients with the highest standards of care and services.
  • Provide educational and community programs that are based on current research, that are designed for the prevention of obesity and eating disorders, and that encourage balanced living.
  • Train and retain the highest caliber of clinicians and support personnel to ensure balanced, successful treatments and outcomes.
  • Collaborate with healthcare providers and institutions to address the needs of people with eating disorders.
  • Conduct eating disorder outcome research and apply findings to treatment programs.
  • Seek balance in both the services offered by The Center and the lives of those in The Center for Balanced Living community


  1. Openly communicate in an honest and professional manner.
  2. Create and nurture a safe work environment where each individual is treated with respect and dignity.
  3. Recognize we are leaders in the field of eating disorders and we are each leaders in our respective roles.
  4. Address conflict and embrace feedback as productive.
  5. We as individuals honor creativity and collaboration in our work and in relationship to each other.

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