Our Impact

We believe in giving hope. We hope that through these stories, you will be inspired to know that

there is help for you here at The Center.



Knowing you has changed my life for the better and I'm certain that there are countless others who would echo those sentiments.  Now, a beacon shines forth for those yet to come whose lives will be saved because of your dedication.  You likely will never know, in this lifetime, the true depth and breadth of the good you have accomplished or the lives you have saved.  Here I stand, one among many, fortunate enough to have been the beneficiary of your expertise, as well as your unwavering kindness.



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I was enrolled in the 9-week IOP program. It has helped me immensely. I understand now why they call it The Center for "Balanced Living." Their focus is to help you go from eating and thinking in extremes to thinking with a balanced, freeing view on how to eat and live. I made close friends, I was able to begin to uncover the root behind my disorder, and I went from eating maybe once a day to (for the most part!) 5 times a day - but also leaving room for days that aren't perfect, since my recovery is not going to be linear. I am definitely in a much better place than I was before the program - thank you to everyone who helped me move towards recovery.


When any member of a family is ill, everyone is touched to a degree.  When our 13-year-old developed an eating disorder, it became increasingly clear that our entire life as a family would be affected.  During the acute phase of her illness, that meant weeks of out-of-state hospitalization.  For the following year, it meant daily out-patient treatment.   I had to take a year off work to accompany our child through the hardest part of her recovery.   At home, it meant changing how, when and what we ate.  The illness and recovery were traumatic for our child, and in many respects equally so for her parents and sibling.  Thanks to the multi-dimensional, comprehensive care of The Center, we made it through exceptionally hard times and came out better.  While providing intensive counseling and education for our child, they also took care of the family.  The parenting support, accompanied by sensitive counseling for our own distress, gave us the “tool kit” for recovery and hope for the long term.  I must emphasize this:  The Center for Balanced Living heals the physical and emotional distress of persons with eating disorders while caring for those that care for them.