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5-Day Treatment Outcomes

5-Day Treatment for Eating Disorders
Pilot Study: Promising Results

Graphs of qualitative data

Acceptability of the treatment suggests:

·         Treatment met the expectations of both clients and supports

·         The majority would recommend NEW FED TR to others

·         Supports felt they were better equipped to provide support

·         There was a plan for continued support involvement in treatment

·         Clients and supports enjoyed learning about the neurobiology of Anorexia Nervosa

·         Clients and supports felt the exercises on neurobiology improved their understanding of Anorexia Nervosa

·         Supports felt more confident about their ability to support patient through recovery

·         Supports and patients enjoyed interacting with others in the group, and

·         Supports and patients thought NEW FED TR will be helpful in decreasing their eating disorder behaviors (e.g., restricting, over-exercising). 


At post-treatment (1 week), anorexia symptomatology pre vs post treatment indicates a significant improvement in anxiety, eating concern and overall eating disorder behaviors and cognitions.

Preliminary data indicated significant improvement pre to post treatment in support functioning of problem solving, communication and behavioral control.

Data analayzed by primary researcher, Christina Wierenga, PhD, UCSD.