Considering the 5-Day Treatment?
Here's what past participants shared about it:

""I felt valued, not just a problem to be fixed, but an actual person. Wonderful staff, tools, and skills. Amazing program."

“(5-Day) Rocks!!! This program gave me more knowledge in a week than I've gotten out of 10 years of 15 different programs.”

"Amazing program for families and (individuals with) eating disorders. Expect to be overwhelmed with information and leave the program armed with the tools to take on the eating disorder."

"Best overview and insight into the eating disorder."

“....(T)his program teaches (individuals) to use the exact method that led us into our illness to bring us out of it.  All of the planning, calculating, and perfecting that was once used to chip away at ourselves can also be used to achieve optimal health."

"Seriously best thing I have EVER experienced to fight my (eating disorder) and move toward recovery."

"Program is very different than typical (eating disorder) resources, and I think highly informative and practical. I would highly recommend for understanding (eating disorders) and going through treatment, both for client and support."

"Knowledge is empowering and we learned so much. We are walking away with wonderful tools."

"Although it was very intensive and mentally exhausting, it has impacted my life in such a positive way in just 5 days."

"The meal plans are tough, but comprehendible. It is good to separate biological illnesses from being somebody's fault. You will never be bored and and everyday just wants to make things easy."

"This program opened my eyes to the possibility of recovery."

"This program is top notch. The people, the information, the manual and workbook were all so helpful. Thank you!"

"I feel like this has brought our family closer as a unit. I feel like we are more equipped to deal with situations that will arise throughout this journey."

"This is a very comprehensive program that is based on biology & science. The first day feels like drinking out of a firehose, but all the information & structure is so beneficial for both clients & supports."