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New Fed description

5 Day Intensive for Eating Disorders

NEW FED TR stands for “Neurobiologically Enhanced With Family/Friends Eating Disorder Trait Response

This new 5 Day Intensive for eating disorders is for individuals ages 16+ who have specific traits and eating disorder symptoms.   The program includes family/support in all 40 hours of the treatment week. Family/support may include parents, spouse, extended family members, significant other, or a person who is able to offer ongoing support.

NEW FED TR was created in collaboration with the University of California San Diego’s (UCSD) eating disorder treatment and research programs.  Our two sites have been working together over the last six years to refine our treatment tools in response to new neurobiological research findings.  The following information is the equivalent program at UCSD:  http://eatingdisorders.ucsd.edu/patient/adult-ift.shtml

Program Description

When an individual has an eating disorder, all members of the family and the relationships between them are profoundly affected. Some of the latest research in the eating disorders field points to potentially unprecedented levels of success when families become centrally involved in the treatment process.  NEW FED TR is one of the only programs available that focuses on involving supports in the treatment and recovery of individuals with an eating disorder every hour of the one week treatment.

Eating disorders have a powerful biology that is difficult to overcome without the support and assistance from loved ones. Our model empowers supports to be involved in treatment to ensure successful recovery. Research suggests that enlisting support from loved ones can lead to better outcomes in recovery. If you or your loved one have failed to benefit from individually-focused treatments, or other intensive or partial hospital programs, NEW FED TR model may improve your success.

The purpose of this unique treatment is to provide carers with the understanding and the tools necessary to successfully interact with and care for their loved one at home using a family-based model.  It allows supports to practice beside their loved ones and learn together in the one week of treatment. In addition, we teach adults how to understand the symptoms that they are having and develop more effective coping strategies.

We believe  individualswill benefit from NEW FED TR in powerful ways that can only come about from family/support involvement. Additionally, the entire family/support persons will benefit from the improved understanding, communication, and capacity for growth that comes from attending the program.

Program Structure

 NEW FED TR is designed for adults (18+) with specific traits and eating disorder symptoms. They attend the program with their families/supports. The program teaches clients and families/supports effective tools and strategies for managing eating disorder symptoms in a collaborative manner. The program consists of 40 hours of treatment from 9 am-5 pm, Monday through Friday, (with pre-testing on Sunday prior and post-testing Friday evening). 

The five days incorporate a number of treatment components including psychiatric evaluation, family-based, or carer based, treatment for anorexia, systemic carer therapy, treatment contracting, psychoeducation, carer coaching, dialectical behavioral therapy tools, and neurobiological treatment tools.


Clients and/or support(s) coming from out of town should fly into Columbus International Airport (CMH). The program will begin on a Sunday and end Friday evening.  Individuals from out of town typically choose to stay in a local hotel for the week. The Center has established special rates at hotels that are less than 5 minutes away. Information on those hotels available here.

Medical Assessment

We may require a letter from a physician documenting medical stability for an intensive outpatient level of care. In most cases, we will not provide medical care or evaluation through our clinic, however, we can assist in making referrals to a physician, urgent care and/or psychiatrist for additional treatment if needed.