Medication Management

PLEASE NOTE: An eating disorder diagnosis is NOT required for medication management services. General mental health diagnoses can be treated as well. Additionally, our psychiatric nurse practitioner may request (and in some cases, require) that clients participate in concurrent psychotherapy in order to receive medication management services. If so, we will request a release of information to ensure continuity of care.

We can provide medication management services for clients who:

·         Are ages 16+

·         Want to establish ongoing care with us. Our nurse practitioners aim to provide treatment, not second opinions.

·         Require no more than a moderate level of care and who do not require case management. High complexity cases needing case management will not be best served at The Center.

·         Do not require long-term controlled substances. Exception: Clients with an established need for ADHD medication (e.g., documented diagnosis).

·         Do not need legal documentation, such as short-term disability, FMLA or worker’s compensation. Nurse practitioners are unable to file this documentation.