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Level of Care Assessment

Prospective clients must contact us directly to arrange for initial assessment. If you are concerned about ED symptoms and believe a Level of Care assessment is in your client's best interests, please direct them to contact our office at 614.896.8222.

More assessment information for Prospective Clients >

Criteria for Level of Care Recommendations


Patient is medically unstable as determined by:
-Unstable or depressed vital signs
-Laboratory findings presenting acute health risk
-Complications due to coexisting medical problems such as diabetes
Patient is psychiatrically unstable as determined by:
-Rapidly worsening symptoms
-Suicidal and unable to contract for safety

*Inpatient care is NOT provided at the Center for Balanced Living

Partial Hospital (PHP-ED)

Patient is medically stable but:
-Eating disorder impairs functioning, though without immediate risk.
-Needs daily assessment of physiologic and mental status
Patient is psychiatrically stable but:
-Unable to function in normal social, educational, or vocational situations.
-Engages in daily binge eating, purging, fasting or very limited food intake, or other pathogenic weight control techniques

Intensive Outpatient (IOP-ED) or Outpatient Treatment

Patient is medically stable and:
-No longer needs daily medical monitoring
Patient is psychiatrically stable and has:
-Symptoms under sufficient control to be able to function in normal social, educational, or vocational situations and continue to make progress in recovery