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Welcome to our
Intensive Outpatient Programs

Intensive outpatient programs provide additional structure, education, and therapy for those working to recover from their eating disorder while still working or in school

who is appropriate for an intensive outpatient program?

Intensive Outpatient may be appropriate for males and females ages 16+ who are medically stable and need some structure and support with meals. Additionally, he/shemay need some accountability to manage compulsive behaviors but is able reduce frequency with structure and has a fair motivation for recovery and is cooperative.

our intensive outpatient programs

Intensive Outpatient for Eating Disorders (IOP-ED)
M's Aftercare Program (MAP)
Skills Based IOP (formerly DBT-IOP and AOD-IOP)

What clients say about Intensive Outpatient Programs

"It has totally changed my life. I went into IOP feeling alone and a failure, but coming out I have learned that I'm not alone and that many people feel the exact way I do. I have learned to have gratitude for what I've been through. "

"The group dynamic of IOP is incredible there is no better place to challenge ed thoughts."

"I cannot thank The Center enough for helping me start living a healthier, happier, more balanced life. The Center has helped save my life and give it better quality."

"IOP was a great experience that helped my recovery tremendously. I have learned tons of new skills and helpful information. The staff's insight and support was amazing."

For more information

For more information or to schedule an assessment, contact The Center at 614.896.8222

IOP was a great experience. It not only helped me with my ED, but it also made me a better person.
— -Client in IOP