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Application Instructions for CEO Position

For applications to be complete and considered, ALL of the following materials must be submitted:

Materials to submit

  • Cover letter/Letter of intent showcasing how you qualify for the position
  • Current Resume
  • Responses to the following six questions

    1.     What formal degree(s) have you completed? Please list all.

    2.     What certification(s) have you completed that you believe are relevant to this position?

    3.     Do you have any experience fundraising? If so, please note:

    a.     the purpose or goal of the fundraising campaign

    b.     your role or responsibility in the campaign

    c.     the dollar amount raised

    4.     Do you have experience working for a non-profit organization and/or a Board of Directors? If so please describe that experience

    5.     Do you have experience working in the healthcare field? If so please describe that experience.

    6.     Do you have any experience in the Eating Disorder field? If so, please describe. If not, please explain what drives you to lead an organization in the eating disorder field.

where to send materials

Send completed application requirements to: catalystconsulting27@gmail.com