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Grants Details

Thank you for supporting The Center!


The Harry C. Moors Foundation awarded The Center $20,000 for our capital campaign, "Cornerstone Campaign: Building with Balance." 


The Ingram White Castle Foundation awarded The Center $10,000. This Program Grant will help low and middle income family members/ support personslearn cutting-edge brain research while practicing individualized meal plans, in the Nutritional Center,  to help strengthen the lives of their loved one with an eating disorder.  Specifically, family/support will learn what their loved one’s “prescribed” meal plan is, what the amounts mean and look like, and practice meal preparation together for nutritional restoration.  These funds give the family members/supports the ability to be in weekly nutritional individual and group sessions in partial hospital and intensive eating disorder treatment programs; and in our Family Eating Disorder (FED) Program offered six times per year. 


The Licking County Foundation awarded The Center $11,224.00 for construction costs associated with our Nutrition Center.

reinberger foundation

The Reinberger Foundation awarded The Center $10,000 for our capital campaign, "Cornerstone Campaign: Building with Balance."