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Finding extra to give

How can I find extra to give?

Be creative! Every gift, no matter the size, makes a difference!

  • Set aside a portion of your tax refund.
  • Designate The Center as the recipient of your United Way contribution.
  • Forgo the coffee shop for a period of time and donate the amount you saved.
  • Gather and donate the loose change from your car, around the house, and in the coin jar. It's surprising how much you may find!
  • Have a garage sale or sell baked goods and donate the proceeds.
  • Host a "Friday Jeans Day" at work-give $5 to wear jeans (be sure your employer approves!) and donate the total collected.
  • Ask if your employer matches donations to non-profits. If they do, make a donation and double it with your employer's match!
  • Have friends donate in lieu of birthday gifts to one another this year.
  • Determine a monthly amount you'd like to give and set up an automatic, recurring withdrawal from your bank account.
  • Shorten your vacation by one day and donate the amount you would have spent on hotel and food.