2016 Fall Fundraiser

Now is your opportunity to partner with The Center to change lives! Our annual fall fundraiser is now under way. The theme is Shaping Effective Strategies.

The Center provides evidence-based treatment, education and research for eating disorders. Our strategies include brain-research, movement and family involvement. Effectiveness is measuredby client/family feedback, like these:

“Before I came to The Center, I was very sick both mentally and physically.  I was unable to cope with my surroundings, feeling like a young,  unruly Helen Keller before she was introduced to sign language. The skills I have learned and the confidence that I have gained through my work at The Center have given me a way to effectively communicate with others and deal with my emotions.  And like Helen Keller, I have since thrived, and now give others hope for recovery.  I am a strong, happy, and healthy woman, and my family and I are full of gratitude for The Center for Balanced Living.”
-Kim, client in recovery

"When I entered treatment I was severely ill and didn't even know it or was willing to admit it. I was just finishing my freshman year of college and was terrified of losing my sense of control and gaining weight. The Center for Balanced Living honestly did save my lifeand has given me back a life worth living! I received the most empathetic, and comprehensive care I have ever received and it is evident that each person I worked with cared deeply about me, my wellbeing, and recovery. The Center also does a great job of helping families learn how to be supportive and helpful which was key to my personal recovery. I can't say enough good things about my time here and the life I have now is so full of joy. I may still have hard days buteveryone does and The Center for Balanced Living brought back a light and a joy that I had lost and feared would never get back."
-Kristen, client in recovery

“Living on an island in Southeast Alaska required our family to research and  locate eating disorder expertise out of state using the internet. Our daughter was struggling mightily and we, as parents were at a loss and turned, reluctantly, to the internet again for adult eating disorder treatment programs. We...learned of the NEW FED TR program...and found ourselves flying to Columbus. In five days, we left The Center grounded, knowledgeable, renewed in strength and committed to recovery. Understanding, really understanding, the neurobiology underpinning anorexia nervosa let us "get" why we were all so stuck. She's gained such profound insight into her illness and now has found numerous reasons to discard the many ties to the eating disorder. Her brain is clearly rewiring every day. Our daughter left to hike the Appalachian Trailfrom Georgia to Maine 14 months later.”

-Krisanne, mother of client in recovery


Individuals needing effective treatment are relying on you.  Families needing hope through education are relying on you. Thank you for donating today!

 You can direct your gift towards education, treatment/scholarships, nutrition, research or anything else you choose. There is a space to make this designation on the donation form.