"Sometimes in order to get to that next stage in your life you have to be broken from that which once held you..."  - Telisa McLaughlin

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 Treatment Programs and services  

5-Day treatment for eating disorders

M's Place Partial Hospital Program (PHP)  

Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP)

Outpatient Treatment     

Nutrition and Support Services     

SECA Body Composition Analysis

Call 614.896.8222 and our compassionate staff will complete the intake process with you.

Are you concerned about what will happen when you make that important (and scary) call? Watch this short webinar video. Asia Place, LPCC, Level of Care Manager walks you through the steps of the admissions process and admission criteria.

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Wondering about the 5 Day program? Carrie Arnold recently wrote about the program and her article appeared in both Mosaic and The Atlantic.
"A Grown Up Approach to Treating Anorexia" Mosaic
"The Challenge of Treating Anorexia in Adults" The Atlantic