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How The Center Staff Centers Themselves

Lori Johnson

If you follow us on social media, you have seen our posts of ways that the staff at The Center center themselves. Every day, a new person shared what they do to balance their life, find joy and relax. We decided to compile all of them in one place for a collective overview of what we do to center ourselves. Whether you want to get to know our staff better or want a few ideas for yourself, enjoy the list below!

(Name) centers herself/himself by…

Cheryl Ryland, CFO/COO: ironing

Amber Scott, Executive Associate to CEO/President: spending time with her cat

Samantha Tortora, LPCC, IOP Clinician: cooking, doing yoga and jet skiing on Indian Lake

M Mullan, LPC: prayer, dance parties, movement and humor

Sarah Bergen, RN: giving TLC to her dog Murphy and Morris

Marjorie Scott, LISW-S: going on a walk with friends, traveling, practicing yoga and cooking

Chris Kneuppel, Director of Office Management: coloring in her Inspire Bible

Whitney Hill, LISW: spending time in nature

Jason McCray, PhD: “getting his kicks on” (martial arts)

Lori Johnson, Director of Education and Outreach: canoeing and bike riding with her son

Kerigan McNamara, Marketing Intern: going on bike rides through beautiful trails, writing and savoring iced coffee every morning

Theresa McClurg-Genevese, LPCC: building uplifting playlists, listening to music and taking time to laugh. Her favorite? SNL skits

Lindsey Petersen, LPCC, Outpatient Clinician: playing soccer, going to the beach, and praying

Jenny Beck, LPCC-S: her relationship with Christ, spending time with loved ones, playing board games, and going to Disney World