How The Center Staff Centers Themselves

If you follow us on social media, you have seen our posts of ways that the staff at The Center center themselves. Every day, a new person shared what they do to balance their life, find joy and relax. We decided to compile all of them in one place for a collective overview of what we do to center ourselves. Whether you want to get to know our staff better or want a few ideas for yourself, enjoy the list below!

(Name) centers herself/himself by…

Cheryl Ryland, CFO/COO: ironing

Amber Scott, Executive Associate to CEO/President: spending time with her cat

Samantha Tortora, LPCC, IOP Clinician: cooking, doing yoga and jet skiing on Indian Lake

M Mullan, LPC: prayer, dance parties, movement and humor

Sarah Bergen, RN: giving TLC to her dog Murphy and Morris

Marjorie Scott, LISW-S: going on a walk with friends, traveling, practicing yoga and cooking

Chris Kneuppel, Director of Office Management: coloring in her Inspire Bible

Whitney Hill, LISW: spending time in nature

Jason McCray, PhD: “getting his kicks on” (martial arts)

Lori Johnson, Director of Education and Outreach: canoeing and bike riding with her son

Kerigan McNamara, Marketing Intern: going on bike rides through beautiful trails, writing and savoring iced coffee every morning

Theresa McClurg-Genevese, LPCC: building uplifting playlists, listening to music and taking time to laugh. Her favorite? SNL skits

Lindsey Petersen, LPCC, Outpatient Clinician: playing soccer, going to the beach, and praying

Jenny Beck, LPCC-S: her relationship with Christ, spending time with loved ones, playing board games, and going to Disney World

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