The (other) F-Word Exchange

Do you use The (other) F-Word? You know the one. FAT.
Do you use that word to define who you are? 

October 4-10, 2015 is NAMI Mental Health Awareness Week. We challenge you for this entire week to Form Another Truth by exchanging the word "fat" for one of these positive statements. "I love and respect myself." " My body can do amazing things." "I like my smile."

Or list why you are thankful for that part of your body. Instead of thinking/saying "My arms are fat,"we challenge you to exchange it, and  instead say/think "I am thankful that my arms allow me to hold my baby" or "I lam thankful that my arms let me throw a ball."

Don't forget: Form Another Truth. Be kind to yourself.


Lori JohnsonComment