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Create strength through balanced living

Just released! Dr. Hill's E-Text "A Brain-Based Approach to Eating Disorder Treatment"

Create strength through balanced living

Since 2001, The Center has served as the only freestanding, non-profit specialized eating disorder organization providing comprehensive treatment, research and educational services for adolescents and adults in Central Ohio.  We are now serving clients from Ohio and from other states as well.

Brains Misfire. Rewire. Inquire.

Providing Expert Treatment for Eating Disorders Based on Current Brain Research

Brains are extremely complex systems, containing billions of neurons making pathway connections, or wiring, based on emotions and experiences. Continued similar responses strengthen and reinforce the wiring, rendering it an automatic response, or simply put, a habit. However, with conscious effort and the consistent, purposeful practice of new habits, neural pathways can be rewired. Unhealthy habits can be replaced with healthier ones. Eating disorders are mental illnesses that can be treated using these scientific facts about the amazing neuroplasticity of the brain. WATCH Dr. Hill's TEDx Talk to LEARN MORE

Did You Know?

The Center was re-surveyed by CARF in July and received another 3 year accreditation for all of our programs. We are committed to providing quality services.

Healthy New Albany just published great information about eating disorders from Q&A with our CCO, Jason McCray, PhD. VIEW

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