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Create strength through balanced living

Did You Know?

Laura Hill, PhD, President & CEO of The Center for Balanced Living, explains how far eating disorder research has come since the 1980's, what the future of research looks like, and what makes individuals susceptible to developing an eating disorder.

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We are planning a family workshop for August 27. Save the date! More details coming soon.

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Carrie Arnold wrote a fantastic article about our 5 Day Program that appeared in Mosaic, The Atlantic and The Guardian.
"A Grown Up Approach to Treating Anorexia" Mosaic
"The Challenge of Treating Anorexia in Adults" The Atlantic
"Anorexia: You Don't Just Grow Out of It" The Guardian

We now accept ages 16+ for our5 Day Program for Eating Disorders. Call 614.896.8222

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The staff... are so knowledgeable, patient, kind, and made me feel like I mattered.
— Client in M's Place, Partial Hospital Program

Create strength through balanced living

Since 2001, The Center has served as the only freestanding, non-profit specialized eating disorder organization providing comprehensive treatment, research and educational services for adolescents and adults in Central Ohio.  We are now serving clients from Ohio and from other states as well.

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